Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hurricane Odile Puerto Escondido..Damages

Hurricane Odile came right up Baja and while most occupied boats were doing everything they could to prepare, there was not much that could be done once the winds began.  As 30 knots became 40, then 50's, and then 60's; anemometers were not showing full strength of gusts but we learned that Bad Company's handheld was showing gusts of 135mph.  We watched as Francis Lee took 4-5 serious knock downs, we watched Cloud Nine, and Rapscullion break loose.  Ted and I traded watch..I went down the companion way and Ted went those few seconds, Manta broke loose, gunned the motor to avoid Brandywine and landed on the rocks in the mangrove of the east window of Puerto Escondido.  Most vessels were unattended, but Manta-liveaboard, Cloud IX, and Elusive-liveaboard, had owners on board, and thankfully, those friends are safe.

Pictures are posted to show damage and also to hopefully help others locate their vessel and get an idea of it's status.    I'm sorry for all those that are seeing their boats here online because it is truly heartbreaking to see so much damage.  If you need more info...just email us and let us know.

The boats affected are as follows, most have moderate to severe damage if not partially or completely sunk:

Elipse:  Minx (remoored), Lunasea (sp?) dismasted-remoored; Yankee Dreamer-remoored, Elusive-partially sunk--Bill moved to LaRhumbosa, Unknown Trimaran, Cloud IX-sunk, Xanthos (sp?)-sunk-removed, SeaToy-sunk, Merilon (sp?)

Waiting Room:  Neka-dismasted main and mizzen, Equity-dismasted mizzen, Williwah (sp?) possible missing solar panels, Sabado dragged mooring possible entanglement with Spring Runoff, Angel & Red Dolphin hard aground, Corsair trimaran came loose-now pulled out & trailered in yard.

Puerto Escondido:  Manta-ongoing rescue attempts, Cloud Nine, Rapscullion, and Libertad

Manta--ongoing rescue ..awaiting high tides--
next rescue attempt will be weekend of Sept.27

Liberdad, Rapscullion, Cloud Nine-located in
PE west of west window-still in this location as of 9/21/14

Libertad, Rapscullion, Cloud Nine-

Red Dolphin--still in place as of 9/21/14

Sabado--drug and is hanging on line with Spring Runoff

Escape--damaged main sail, damage to sides due from loose
vessels during Hurricane Odile

EZ Duz It...ok..

Angel-still aground as of 9/21/14

Navy Boats on API Pier..also, supposed location of Estancia,
reported to have sunk after Navy pulled her to pier during storm

API Pier-Navy Vessels

Neka--Waiting Room
dismasted..main & mizzen mast..severe damage

Equity-Waiting Room
Mizzen dismasted

Equity-closer view

Adios..main sail fixed

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Lunasea II refloated, and SeaToy
Xanthos (sp?) sunk under the pile since removed

Cloud IX..

Parking lot behind Fonatur-vessels in yard were ok..shredded sail on background vessel is Carpe em (sp?)
damaged in Chubasco several weeks prior to Hurricane Odile

Minx Yankee Dreamer

Yankee Dreamer view from north side of jetty

Fonatur back lot

Minx, Yankee Dreamer & Merilon (sp?)

Elusive the unknown Tri

Debris field around Elusive


Unknown Trimaran

Yankee Dreamer

Unknown Trimaran

Bill-Elusive--he & his cat, Sweetie, was moved to LaRhumbosa..a donation  from Kathie 

Minx-Bowsprit damage

Yankee Dreamer


Richard Thuillier (GrummanRV) said...

Any word on Richard Sider and his houseboat (Josea) in the waiting room?

Brenda Jewell said...

Richard and Josey are just fine!

Richard Thuillier (GrummanRV) said...


Diane Emigh said...

Thanks for the pics Brenda. We were in BLA (Puerto Don Juan) and came through just fine. We crossed over to San Carlos, arrived yesterday. Say hi to Ted. Hope to cross paths one of these days!

Terry & Diane Emigh
sv Harmony
San Carlos, MX

Susan Pence said...

Thankyou Brenda, Jay will coming down in a few weeks to check out Sailpotion and her mooring.